About Jackpop

As a music production company, Jackpop Music is committed to"Infusing life with music,
exciting your mind by lyrics". Through our diversified services, Jackpop Music spreads
music to every corner.We offer five categories of services, including

(i) making wedding theme music "My Love Song" for the newlyweds;
(ii) producing their own "soul music" and advertising jingles for enterprises  of different sizes;
(iii) music teaching, including Jackpop Music's singing enlightenment and  self-confidence classes, musical instruments classes, your favorite song  recording services, parent – child singing and Jackpop Junior Choir;
(iv) professional singing and playing;
(v) talents recruitment and studio hiring. Jackpop Music offers a wide range of  services with the aim to infuse music into daily life and bring people closer  together.