Music can relieve children’s emotions, release their pressures, stimulate their brains and enhance learning and memory skills. Children songs can even change and influence children unobtrusively and imperceptibly. The songs can touch their heart. The correct values and world views can be instilled into children through easy tones plus lyrics with educational meaning. The songs can inspire children and have a long lasting influence on them which is very meaningful.

Jackpop Juniors is a children chorus who advocates love. Jackpop Juniors performs Jackpop Music HK Ltd artists’ original songs. She preaches every kind of love with different themes. Through different performances, MV shooting and CD publishing, she sends out the message of love and preaches the positive direction of life and the meaning of life. Through the trainings in class, children can learn how to get along well with others, team work and enjoy every performance experience and process.

JACKPOP JUNIORS English Music Troupe

Every English drama script is original. Every child on the stage is a leading character. The script and singing among the children are divided fairly, such that each little actor/actress performs happily.

Through the trainings in class, children can learn how to get along well with others, to forgive and to be considerate, and also improve communication skill. Through acting different characters, they will be able to learn how to express emotions and bring their imagination in full play. Memorizing the script and singing songs can train children’s memory skill, nurture their self confidence and enhance their English skill.

Jackpop Juniors Children English Music Troupe is definitely a platform where children can enhance self-confidence, express oneself, learn English and learn how to get along with people.


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