Jackpop founder Peggie Wong

Peggie Wong is the founder of Jackpop Music HK Ltd. She graduated from the History Department of The University of Hong Kong in 1995. She has been obsessed with music since childhood when she participated and won awards in various singing contests. She started to write lyrics since 1997. She has cooperated with singers including Leo Ku, Kelly Chen, Leslie Cheung, Sally Yeh, Eason Chan, Twins, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Jade Kwan, Hacken Lee, Ronald Cheng, Karen Mok, Adason Lo, Christine Fan, Daniel Chen, William So and so forth. Her pop chart songs include "死性不改" by Twins, "羅馬" by Andy Hui, "第一類接觸" by Eason Chan and so on. She is a professional composer and lyricist. She has been a secondary school teacher, Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), writer of Preschool and Choir Curriculum and is a member of the Composers.


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